2nd Year


Object Oriented Programming Using C++

Material Science 

Basic Electronics Engine

Basic Electronics Engineering

Basic Electronics Engineering Lab File

bee file

5 thoughts on “2nd Year

  1. Sir i beg you to please atleast upload the sylabus of all the subjects for third semester and fourth semester from amizone and upload it over here.
    It will be provide a great help about which subjects to focus in future in summer holidays :’)


  2. respected Sir when will you put the syllabus? :( one entire month has been passed and still even the syllabus of all subjects is not even put up ? :((


  3. Kindly upload previous year papers of all the minors and end semester papers for SEMESTER 3 CSE . IT WILL BE A GREAT HELP FOR EVERY STUDENT . Please I will be waiting as the minor starts from 7th Sept itself.


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